About Yoga by Betsy


The mission of Yoga by Betsy is to provide a safe, calm, welcoming and fun environment that fosters exploration of individual yoga practice, personal journey and self-transformation.


To create a safe and consistent yoga practice that leaves students rejuvenated, inspired and ultimately, create a calm and peaceful mind, a compassionate heart and a strong feeling of self-acceptance. An additional objective specific to Yoga 4 Cancer (y4c) is to build a stronger immune system to prevent recurrence of cancer.

About Betsy

My name is Betsy Griswold. I am certified to teach Yoga 4 Cancer, Oncology Yoga (y4c) and Kripalu Yoga, and offer group classes and private sessions. I am the first (original) certified y4c teacher in New Brunswick. (https://yoga4cancer.com)

Yoga has always been a part of my life. After my cancer diagnosis, I wanted to give back and help others going through cancer treatments.

[photo taken on holiday immediately after final treatment]

During my own emotional and physical healing, I found my Dharma (purpose), leading me to passionately explore and invest in yoga training, giving me the knowledge to safely provide yoga to cancer patients and survivors. Cancer motivated me to get all my yoga teacher certifications and help others through their cancer journey.

Yoga is a special gift in life, and I am grateful for the ability to share it with others. The joy, peace and inner-self connection of yoga is what the world could use more of today. Yoga “ah-ha” moments are magic.

As both a certified y4c trained teacher and cancer survivor, I am aware of and understand the cautions and risks in generic yoga styles for cancer survivors. This provides a unique perspective on which postures (asanas) work best and which DO NOT WORK and could be harmful.

Please feel free to send an private (and confidential) email to communicate direct with me at: betsy@yogabybetsy.com

Certified teacher of Yoga 4 Cancer/Oncology Yoga, Kripalu Yoga, and Yoga Alliance Member

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