Yoga 4 Cancer and Oncology Yoga (y4c) Principles and Methodology

The methodology of y4c is based on five principles:

Healing Breath

Breathing fills every second of our lives. Breathing with awareness – a mindful breathing – will be one of the most vital tools in cancer recovery. Breath is an important tool to improve your immune system.


Our job as survivors is simple… keep the immune system healthy. Movement is one essential, natural way to get the immune system healthy!

Body/Mind Wisdom

Yoga 4 Cancer teaches survivors to observe sensations in their body, how to resist being distracted by them and how to analyze or monitor them in beneficial ways.

Community Wisdom

This principle of Yoga is about learning ways to connect with other people in order to feel part of a community. Learning from others makes us stronger.

Bliss Factor

Everyone comes to yoga seeking something. This principle is an act of self-loving kindness – self compassion.

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