What is Yoga 4 Cancer and Oncology Yoga?

Yoga 4 Cancer/Oncology Yoga (y4c) is a gentle and restorative program for cancer survivors, which helps manage treatment side effects and cancer recovery through a unique evidence-based yoga method.

It is an evidence-informed style yoga focusing on the scientific foundation of movement and breath, AND the special needs of cancer patient and survivors. y4c certified teachers are trained to be aware of and understand the cautions and risks of generic yoga styles for cancer survivors.

Oncologist and cancer organizations recommend yoga and exercise as part of a cancer survivors’ recovery and management plan. Recommendations are to get between 150 – 300 minutes of exercise per week to speed recovery or defend against cancer occurrence and reoccurrence. The body of evidence on therapeutic effects of yoga interventions for cancer patients and survivors is robust and growing. A literature search on “yoga” and “cancer” in the U.S. National Library of Medicine (PubMed) yielded 648 results including observational studies, systematic reviews, and clinical trials. https://yoga4cancer.com/research/

Not all yoga is the same and for cancer survivors the needs are different.

True compassion flows from knowledge and facts. Without specific training, a teacher is not equipped to understand the unique physical and emotional needs and challenges of those touched by cancer. Over the past decade, the volume of research to support yoga as a safe and effective way to manage cancer side-effects has grown. Our evidence informed y4c certificate program provides the knowledge, facts, solutions and practicum to address the specific needs of the cancer community.

Cancer patients, cancer survivors, family, friends and caregivers all feel a sense of relief and gratitude when the treatment routine is behind them. What happens after treatments, though, is just as important – equally as important- as the treatment to cure cancer. y4c focuses on long-term health issues as well as physical and emotional ways to aid in prevention of a recurrence.

Student comments on their experience attending Yoga 4 Cancer and Oncology Yoga (taught by Betsy, Yoga by Betsy):

“From the bottom of my grateful heart, I want to thank you for your wonderful Yoga 4 Cancer course. You are not only extremely knowledgeable, you are lovely, and patient and respectful. The experience was very positive for me…”
– Barb R.

“I absolutely love your class! To specialize in yoga for cancer patients is truly a blessing.”
– Pat W.

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